International Conference on
Natural Products Utilization

From Plants to Pharmacy Shelf

ICNPU 2013, 3-6 November 2013

3-6 November 2013

Dear ICNPU Registrants,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee I am honored to welcome you to the International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: from Plant to Pharmacy Shelf (ICNPU-2013). During this meeting we will attempt to cover the whole spectrum of application of plants with special emphasis on the sustainable use of natural products, modern analytical platforms (e.g. omics approaches) and recent developments in plant biotechnology, molecular biology, phytomedicine and pharmacology. 
The Organizing Committee has assembled an exciting and diverse program. ICNPU 2013 will feature keynote lecture, plenary sessions and invited lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions. World-renowned experts and attendees from 40 different countries will discuss the latest developments on the field.
The conference is held in Bansko, the most popular winter resort in Bulgaria. Located in the foot of Pirin Mountains, with its incredible spirit and breathtaking landscapes, Bansko is definitely a place one should visit. The social program includes welcome reception, gala dinner, congress tour to historical monuments and podium for informal discussions.
We hope you will enjoy the ICNPU-2013 program as well as the social activities!
Milen I. Georgiev, PhD
Chair of the Organizing Committee


  Meeting updates

                 ASTERA HOTEL
                 8 Strazhite Str., Quarter of Gramadeto,
                 Bansko, Bulgaria
                 phone: +359 749 86 140; 
  Emergency  mobile: +359 895 580 185 

-  Complete Program and List of Posters available
-  AttŠµndee Instructions
-  Transfers to/from Bansko
-  Phytochemistry Reviews (Springer) will publish a special issue with selected papers from the meeting 

-  Biotechnology Advances (Elsevier) will publish a special issue with selected papers from the meeeting

-  Springer Prize for BEST POSTER launched